Patient Testimonials

Dr. Marilyn Henderson is committed to providing her patients with the utmost care and attention they deserve.  We kindly invite all of our patients to let us know how we are doing in order to serve you better.  Thank you!

James R. of Lancaster: "I wanted to drop you a note to say how pleased I was with my visit to the Willow Street office today. I scheduled for a nail trim, but ended up getting cortisone shots in both heels for pain. The staff was extremely helpful and friendly, and calmed my fears of the needle! A great experience, thank you!"  8/10/2017

Catherine S:  "I had a painful toe for many, many years and didn't think anything could be done about it.  Dr. Erin did surgery in her office and I couldn't be more pleased!  It didn't hurt at all afterwards.  I wish I had known about this minimal incision surgery before."

Roy D:  "I have diabetic neuropathy and have been applying a prescription topical onto painful areas everyday and I love it! I have been recommending this topical to all of my friends with the same problem and they love it too."

Jane N:  "I have been using the Transdermal topical that she prescribed for my painful heel and I cannot believe how much improvement I have!  I dont have any side effects and simply apply it to tender areas just like a lotion.  I would highly recommend to anybody wanting to get rid of their foot pain!"

Bill H:  "I am in love with my new big toe on my left foot!  I had laser treatment in May 2012 and I have noticed much improvement!"

George M:  "I LOVE my new Moore Balance Brace!  I have only had it for 1 week and I already notice a big difference in the way I walk. Now I can finally sleep at night better!"

Ralph N:  "I have been wearing my Richie Brace all the time, even in bed!  I dont know what I did without them!"

Arlene W:  "For years now, I have had problems with my fungal toenails.  After many over the counter treatments, I decided to give the laser treatment a try and my gosh it worked amazing!  I can't believe how simple and easy it was.   I will definitely recommend Laser Treatment to everybody I know!"

Bonnie G: "I am very pleased with the results from my laser treatment.  The improvement is amazing!  I am so glad I did it."

Judith G: "I'm impressed how quickly I started noticing results from the laser treatment.  I've had fungal nails for years and now my toenails look as good as new!  I would recommend Laser treatment to anybody willing to give it a try!"

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