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We offer a variety of podiatric foot care products available in both of our office locations. From diabetic socks and trendy Crocs to nail buffers and anti-fungal nail polish!

**Products are only available to patients and are not available for online resale**

Are your toes ready for Winter? Unsightly fungal toenails are in the past with NEW! Dr.'s Remedy antifungal nail polish. Infused with wheat protein, tea tree oil, garlic bulb extract and lavender , Dr.'s Remedy nail polish is safe and effective for everyone to use. It does NOT contain TPHP, recently found to be absorbed into the skin and cuase possible harm. Purchase your polish in a variety of colors for only $17.00 USD.

Come in today and try out our Dr. Comfort Diabetic socks. Designed with you in mind, Dr. Comfort has created comfortable socks with Anti-microbial odor control and delicate fibers to reduce the risk of infection. Your feet will feel clean, dry and healthy. Available for men and women in crew cut for $11.99 USD and no show for $9.99 USD.       ttfkgkgglglglg


Here are some other products you may also like...

               NEW! Pedinol Sleep-N-Heel Kit                   
                             $36.00 USD                                            
Double Sided Foot Filer                     Tineacide Anti-Fungal Topical
        $8.00 USD                                               $16.00 USD
     Biofreeze Gel                             Dr. Comfort Compression Stockings                       
     $12.00 USD                                     10-15mmHG $15.00 USD
                                                           10-15mmHG-XR $20.00 USD
                                                             15-20mmHG   $30.00 USD
                                                              20-30mmHg   $40.00 USD